Professional Dining

Professional Dining


At Constellation Culinary Group, we believe that you should never have to leave work just to enjoy a quality meal. Grab a coffee, enjoy a lunch, or wow a client — all right on the premises.


We offer delicious, restaurant-quality food provided by a team of friendly faces right in your office, every single day. It’s as simple as that.


We’ve built our reputation on the premise that we’re only as good as your last meal and the team delivering it team. That’s why we invest in experienced chefs and hospitality experts who know how to make the routine feel special.


Ask eight people what they’d like to eat for lunch, and you’ll get eight different answers (at least!). Our wide variety of custom food stations ensures that everyone will find exactly what they’re looking for.

What We Do


Whether you’re craving a classic tuna sandwich, a comforting bowl of farm stand vegetable and barley soup, or a decadent burger, our cafes offer from-scratch fare that is made to order or to go We focus on sustainability, local sourcing, nutrition, and wellness so you can feel confident in your menu choices and eat a great lunch without having to take valuable time away from the office.


Every great workplace is fueled by expertise, passion, and caffeine! That’s why our specialties include full-service espresso bars, coffee pantries, and coffee catering. By hiring the best baristas and sourcing the best beans — from our proprietary coffee brand Parliament to Stumptown Coffee Roasters, La Colombe, or Starbucks — we bring your favorite cup to you each and every day.

Executive Dining

Our executive dining mission? Delicious, curated menus offered with warm, hospitable service on time. Enough said.


We believe that every meeting or gathering can be more memorable and more effective when paired with something great to eat. Our dedicated event experts can help you select the perfect breakfast menu for a quarterly meeting or celebrate a milestone with seasonal cocktail fare and a festive champagne toast.

“Your attention to detail and ability to make the seemingly ordinary extraordinary is remarkable!”

Client, Advertising Agency

“Day after day, your consistency and ability to wow our employees is incredible! Thanks for all your team does to make this happen!”

Client, Financial Services Firm

“Thank you for the service in our New York office. It has been a game-changer.”

Client, Retail