Our Family

Our Family

We Are Constellation

Accomplishing goals like ours takes a dedicated team—and today, that team is over 1,500 strong. Learn more about some of the people that make us who we are.


Brittany Ballester

Brittany comes across as quiet, but her keen listening skills allow her to absorb all of the details that make an event exceed expectations. Her thoughtful quiet side stems from her time spent living on a rural island in Vermont, where she honed her passion for winter sports, nature, and cooking.

Morgan Bedore

Growing up in an artistic family—where Dad is a woodworker & painter, Mom weaves, and EVERYBODY cooks—certainly influenced Morgan’s career. She loves that Constellation allows her to mesh her passions, combining great food, entertaining, and design. When she’s not working, she’s cooking for her husband and two amazing kids or entertaining friends. Work imitates life, and vice versa.

Emily Burster

Born in Seoul, this former pro cheerleader grew up in New Jersey. While Emily loves her job because of the people and the relationships she’s able to build, she spends time off with her family at her second “home”: Disney. Her fave breakfast? Ham, egg + cheese on an everything bagel—classic NJ!

Adelee Cabrera

This Manhattan native moved to Florida in the ‘90s and now loves to travel. With 3 kids, and two labs, she’s always on the go (“my car is my office AND my closet!”). She considers eating a favorite hobby; loves good wine, real sugar, and fierce competition; and owns over 100 pair of shoes.

Tatiana Cardenas

You can call Tatiana a food enthusiast—just don’t call her a “foodie.” She knew from a very young age that she wanted to be in the food industry, and has been cooking, dining, and entertaining ever since. Instead of cutting cake at her own wedding, she served delicious cheeses from around the world.

John Dangaran

This self-described “unofficial ranger” grew up on a ranch with cattle in Nevada and has since lived in the four corners of the U.S.—Washington, Miami, New York, San Francisco—but never vacations. While he went to school for creative writing, he now uses some of those skills at work, and admits to having a coffee & espresso obsession.

Kaytlin Dangaran

Kaytlin grew up in NC with 10 dogs and moved around every year until she turned 12. She has degrees in Cultural Anthropology and International Affairs and attended culinary school in Soho NYC before spending 6 months in South America encouraging women and children to continue their education.

Sharla Evans

Born in St. Lucia, Sharla grew up in NYC as the youngest of four children (including a twin brother!). A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, she’s now a new mommy with a penchant for dogs, coffee, Asian food, sweets, event décor, and travel. Her favorite vacay? Paris 2018.

Nicole Hernandez

A fan of ‘90s pop culture, Nicole is an authority on the TV show “Friends” and music from the era. She has had a lifelong love of Christmas and horseback riding. Her last meal wish? Seared foie gras and stone crabs with drawn butter. Dream vacation? Visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

Aaron Janus

A Chicago native, Aaron moved south to attend the Florida Culinary Institute before being hired at Palm Beach's Mar-a-Lago Club and advancing to Executive Chef. Another career highlight? Staging at Chicago’s Alinea, one of only 12 restaurants in America to earn three Michelin stars.

Erin Lambert

Our favorite picture on Erin’s Instagram feed captures the time when she successfully channeled Hulk Hogan for Halloween! Now a new mom, Erin’s channels her maternal skills into her creative work at Constellation helping to design and source materials for our amazing restaurants, events, and cafes.

Ali McDowell

Ali is a Dade County native, born and raised. She is also a self-taught mixologist and coffee aficionado who loves the water (pool, ocean, shower, and dishes), and her philosophy is #puglife. Fun trivia: She competed against Catherine in high school swimming!

Lisa McKiernan

While Lisa started school as a photography major, the only art she produces these days is expertly color-coded timelines. She spent 11 years living in Philly, but proudly says she managed to remain a Giants fan throughout. Important fact: She has a terrible fear of sunken things, so it’s best to not invite her to go snorkeling with you.

Caroline Morin

Born and raised in Miami, Caroline can be found boxing, working out, or listening to true crime podcasts in her free time. She loves avocados, dogs, and the outdoors—but hates driving. She’s known for smiling through everything and asking coworkers what they are thankful for when they are stressed.

Kathleen Newman

A New Jersey native, this farm girl is just as comfortable pond fishing in rain boots as she is expediting a dinner for 300 guests in heels. You’ll often find her in the kitchen collaborating with Chef Todd on a custom wedding menu, or in her home kitchen trying out a new way to get her son to eat veggies.

Lillian Rojas

Lillian loves the beach, scuba diving, and anything to do with nature. She never eats breakfast (“café con leche and out the door!”), but enjoys a good Sunday brunch and martini. Interesting facts: She recently eloped to France to marry the man of her dreams, and she’s a belly dancing aficionado!

Gabriel Vega

A lifelong New Yorker and proud father of two near-teens, Gabriel has worked in the food and beverage industry for 20+ years. He set a life goal to complete the NYC Marathon at least once every 10 years—he accomplished this mission during his 30s and is looking forward to his next run during his 40s.

Katelyn Webb

Born and raised in Sycamo, Katelyn’s favorite place in the world to visit is Rio de Janeiro, and her favorite place to eat is China—where she also used to live. Fun facts: She worked on the events team for two Olympic Games, and loves crafting, champagne, and Madonna.

Shining Stars

“Kelly is a Constellation all star - she started in the front of the house on our events team worked her way up thru catering coordination and professional dining. She's now our rockstar GM at the Clark and we couldn't be more proud!" ”

Kelly Turner, New England