Our Company

Our Company

We’re a culinary group dedicated to providing best-in-class dining experiences for one-of-a-kind events, cultural centers, professional settings, restaurants, and cafes.


Nothing brings people together like food—and nothing makes us happier than bringing people together. From our fresh approach to every course to our belief in warm, thoughtful service, that spirit is the first ingredient in everything we do.

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Our Journey

We started in 2008 with three employees and a well-known restaurateur. Since then, we’ve built a culinary group that does what restaurants always have: get people talking—and daydreaming—about food, long after their last bite.

Our timeline

Our Philosophy

Our goal is simple, and it’s always been the same: we build connections—with each other and with you—to make you happy through food. And when we succeed together? That’s something worth celebrating.

Our Sisters + Parent Company

Our connections have always set us apart. In 2015, we made our biggest connection: with our parent company, Elior Dining & Events.

Founded in 2008, Elior supports the growth and infrastructure of businesses that create experiential, professional, and cultural dining experiences (like us).

Elior led to two other special partnerships: with Design Cuisine and Abigail Kirsch. Though our businesses are different, they’re all driven by one shared goal: to work with our customers and clients to make them happy through food.